Hey, I’m Chris Grubisa.
I help grow brands, through content.


My name is Chris, my story is below, keep scrolling.

Long story short, I create creative content for global brands through a company I co-founded with my wife.
We’ve been in business for 9yrs, with two operating offices in Toronto and Los Angeles. We named it Chrilleks. Check out our work here: www.chrilleks.com

Be Right Back, Creating Something is my personal creative outlet, anything goes, it’s everything Chris, me.
A few people have picked up on my personal vision, their logos listed below. I’m grateful that such names have trusted my vision & execution. Below are MY personal clients I’ve worked with, if you want to see more clients I served through my company services, visit www.chrilleks.com

Thanks for being interested.

Happy Clients of Chris Grubisa.


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Start ‘em Young.

I began creating videos in the 4th grade, on my own.
My bread and butter; Video.
This is a photo of me when I was even younger.


Studied media in school.

I was never into school, typical creative.
..until I found media class, then it got serious.

I began working while in school, this is a photo of me working between classes.

Bottom of the totem pole: not pleased.
I was hungry. Still had to pay my dues.


Founded Chrilleks Inc.

Est. 2011 Officially.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


30 Under 30

Selected for Canada’s Top 30 Under 30 in 2016, featured on the cover of the magazine.


Chrilleks LLC.

5yrs in business, our expansion with a 2nd office, located in the epicenter of everything: entertainment, content, creative, sport, tech and lifestyle:
Los Angeles, California, United States of America.


Be Right Back, Creating Something

My Palette. My Exploration. My Vantage Point.
This is my side project.


Working Together.

Continued growth with strength in numbers.
Chrilleks: Your one stop shop for branded content.


A mind from the city, a style from the beach.


Let’s Create Something together.

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